Fair Gaming

As a part of our striving towards excellence, we recognize the importance of providing our players with a truly fair and secure gaming environment. Below is a brief explanation of the methods we have adopted to ensure the high quality of our casino.

Crown Europe Casino has been granted a license by the Gaming Commission of the government of The Netherlands Antilles. We are constantly being monitored and any diversion from the permitted manner of business would result in the immediate annulment of our license.

In addition to that, we have asked several leading international accounting and auditing firms to analyze our casino systems. Millions of game rounds have been run and no regularity in the game results has been detected. All the results were 100% random. To achieve this, we use a sophisticated Random Number Generator, which is a separate piece of hardware connected to the casino computers. A third-party accounting firm is periodically testing our casino systems to ensure its ongoing accuracy.

Furthermore, the Crown Europe Casino average payout percentage, which is the percentage of total winnings out of the total wagered amounts, is being reviewed on a monthly basis to further assure our adherence to the principle of fair play.

Crown Europe Casino offers built-in Game History and Financial History logs. A player can review each and every game he/she ever played at, with the exact date and time, wagered amount, winnings and detailed game result. Financial transaction history displays all deposits and withdraws from the players casino account. Both of these features can be accessed any time while online.

Crown Europe Casino declares war on fraud.

We at Crown Europe Casino are committed to a policy of ongoing fraud detection and prevention in all aspects of our gaming operation. We aim to ensure the integrity of our customers' accounts and secure all transactions and payments we make to you.

Crown Europe Casino implements a tried and tested security protocol when processing each new player transaction. As a player at the casino you may be required at any time to provide any of the following information:

  • A copy of your driver's license.
  • A copy of each credit card (front and back) you used in the casino.
  • A copy of your credit card statement/s (showing your name, address & credit card number).
  • A signed authorization release for each credit card used in the casino.

These procedures are designed to ensure the integrity of all electronic transactions, purchases and cashouts (withdraws) made within our system. We appreciate your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused.